MacVicar Sports Group is a Northwest based independent sales rep agency.

Founded by Jim MacVicar in 1996, MacVicar Sports Group was created out of Jim’s passion for the outdoors and action sports. We are proud to represent the best brands in our industry.

At MSG we pride ourselves in not only representing the strongest brands in the industry, but also in servicing the best retailers in our region. MSG believes that the relationship between manufacturer and retailer is a two sided relationship. MSG wants to not only service our great retail partners, we also want to help innovate and improve products within the brands we carry. We feel that we are in a position to not only help our retailers grow their business through clinics, sales support, demo’s and event promotion. We are also in a position to relay important product feedback to the brands we partner with. This relationship enables the retailer the unique opportunity to get their opinions heard and passed on to the product developers and marketers that help create the unique retail experience the end consumer is looking for.